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Streu, Lisa (2021: The effects of debt persistence on health in rural Thailand.


Nguyen, Ngoc Anh (2020): Economic and environmental consequences of a transformation towards vegetarian diets in Germany.

Safi, Mirwais (2020): Does official development assistance help to reduce poverty in Afghanistan?


Babougian, Roula (2019): Consequences of changing Indian diets on food security.

Doljenkova, Evgeniia (2019): Causes and consequences of food waste.

Fahimi, Mohammad Reza (2019): Environmental and socioeconomic analysis of introducing Indonesian palm oil standard.

Moiseeva, Valeriya (2019): Risks management estimation based on financial reports - Russian and German railway companies.

Ruadze, Anzori (2019): Bankenfinanzierungsstruktur für den Agrarsektor Georgiens - Untersuchung und Darstellung der aktuellen Problematikenund Leitlinien zur Verbesserung auf Grundlage internationaler Erkenntnisse.


Kantabussabong, Chomphunut (2018): On the determinants of inverstments among rural households in Thailand.

Nguyet, Tran Thi Minh (2018): Gender gab in non-farm employment in Vietnam.

Klinsawathom, Utumporn (2018): Structural change of rural villages in Thailand.

Wilder, David Jan-Hendrik (2018): A way out of poverty? - Investment patterns among rural households in Vietnam.

Hofemeier, Alannah (2018): The impact of migration on food security - A case study from Lao PDR.

2017 und davor

Sapotko, Vladislav (2017): Return to education in post-Soviet countries.

Brooks, Mark (2017): Determinants of data quality in large panel surveys in developing countries.

Eymess, Tillmann Christian (2016): The role of anonymity for motives of giving.

Gralla, Annabelle (2016): Success factors of organic cotton in developing countries.

Thi Thuy, Hoa (2016): The role of risk attitude in coffee production in Dak Lak province, Vietnam: Are ethnic minorities different?  (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Schünemann, Melissa (2015): Livelihoods in Southeast Asia: A comparison of peri-urban households in Thailand and Lao PDR.

Lloren, Regie (2015): Household food security in Laos. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Adhikari, Laxmi Devi (2014): Impact of organic certification: A case study of pepper in India. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Kieu, Thanh Tu (2013): Dealing with information asymmetries - Group vs individual loans in Vietnam and Europe. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Dohmeier, Nina Cathrin (2013): Plant biotechnology and rural development: A case study from Shandong Province, China.

Sita Rana (2012): Factors affecting the adoption of organic pepper farming in India. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Sweta, Kanal (2009): Promoting quality in the value chain: the case of tea from Nepal. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Kattel, Rishi Ram (2009): The impact of coffee production on nepali smallholders in the value chain. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Fasse, Anja Christina (2007): Modell zur strategischen Planung im Bereich Produktion und Vermarktung im ökologischen Gemüsebau mit Hilfe eines partizipativen Ansatzes. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Mmangisa, Michael John Lawrence (2006): Consumer preferences for indigenous fruits n Malawi: A case study of  Uapaca kirkiana. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Babatounde, Lucien C. (2004): Institutional analysis of performance of veterinary services in Mali (West Africa). (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Muthoka, Nancy Munyiva (2004): Competitiveness of the Kenyan agriculture: A trade analysis approach. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Weldemeskel, Eyob Mulat (2002): Instability of agricultural exports, stabilization scheme and economic growth of selected african ACP countries. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Fedun, Vitaliy (2002): New development in the theory of the flow of innovations and consequences for the structure and management of extension services based on the case study of Papenburg. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Li, Yujiang (2002): Theoretical analysis of trade development and its application to the EU agricultural policy; with regard to the possibilities of designing an agricultural policy for China. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Nderitu, Margaret W. (2002): Environmentally friendly production of cut flowers in Kenya; current status, impacts and future prospects. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Affognon, Hippolyte Djossè (2001): Crop protection policy in Benin; factors influencing pesticides use. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Cremona, Maria Victoria (2001): The use of canopy temperature to optimize irrigation in vegetable crops; A thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Pinos-an, Pedro C. (2000): Adoption of fruit trees by subsistence farmers in the Philippines: An economic analysis. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Kabugi, Esther Wangu (1999): Wholesale of fresh fruit and vegetables in Nairobi under special consideration of the Wakulima wholesale market. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Andres, Jamesly (1999): Possibilities of increasing water use efficiency for small scale farmers with citrus produktion in mountain province Philippines. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Mohammed, Hedija (1999): Investigation on smallholders' behaviour as a factor influencing farm performance in Ethiopia: The case of smallholders in Eastern Hararghe. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Agonafir, Yohannes (1999): Feasibility study on irrigated farming. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Oleksandr, Piskun (1999): Marketing of fruit and vegetables in Ukraine. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)

Osaulyuk, Oleg (1999): The principles of "Modern Management" and managerial practices of medium and large size firms in horticulture and agriculture - Three case studies. (MSc in Internat. Hort.)