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Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics

Research and teaching aim to contribute to rural development and the management of natural resources especially in developing countries. In addition, research also includes economic issues in the horticultural sector of Germany.

Courses are offered to students of the faculties of economics and business administration and horticulture (with the three fields of study Plant Biotechnology, Horticulture and International Horticulture). Most lectures and seminars are in the field of development economics. Additional courses are offered in cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade for students of the Horticultural Sciences and Biotechnology.

Special introductory courses on economics at the BSc-level for students of horticulture and the master programme MSc in International Horticulture.

The objective of the courses is to stimulate, generate and improve students' knowledge of socio-economic problems of developing countries. Leadership positions in management and administration increasingly demand knowledge and competency in socio-economic issues of poor countries. Furthermore, students who aim to take up positions in international organizations need to have a thorough knowledge in development economics.

The institute maintains active research relationships with a number of international organizations especially in the area of food production, agriculture and natural resources. Contacts to universities in developing countries as well as in the USA and Europe underline the institute's international orientation.