Vorträge Miriam Al Lily

Miriam Al Lily and Hermann Waibel (2021): The socioeconomic determinants of poverty in Saudi Arabia. Poster presented at Tropentag 2021, 15-17 September, Stuttgart (Online).

Miriam Al Lily, Sabine Liebenehm and Hermann Waibel (2021): Risk and time preferences of poor urban households in Saudi Arabia. Paper presented at ICAE 2021: International Conference of Agricultural Economist, 17-31 August, New Delhi, India (Online).

Miriam Al Lily and Hermann Waibel (2020): The determinants of urban poverty in Saudi Arabia: Evidence from a socioeconomic household survey. Paper presented at the ICP 2020: 14th International Conference on Poverty, 17-18 December, Barcelona, Spain (Online).