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Presentation at 'Sustainability and Development Conference' (SDC), University of Michigan

'Long-term weather variability, portfolio diversification and household welfare: Evidence from rural Togo' presented by Dr. Alirah Weyori:

"The 'Sustainability and Development Conference' (SDC) is an annual conference organized under the auspices of the School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) of the University of Michigan. The 2019 edition of the SDC was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 10-14 October 2019. The conference brought together economists, political scientists, geographers and policy makers and think thanks to deliberate on pressing and topical issues in the field of development. This year’s edition was specially aligned to the sustainable development goals in the face of climate change. The keynote address, “Adaptation to climate change: Insight from science, imperatives for action” was delivered by Prof. Dr. Rosina Bierbaum (Dean Emerita of the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment). Aside the usual presentations, there were also expert presentation from the World Bank and Chief Editors from renowned peer review journals including the World Development, Human Development and Capabilities, Global perspectives, Ecology and Society and World Development Perspective".

Photo: Dr. Alirah E. Weyori, together with Ass. Prof. Dr. Sabine Liebenehm