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Opening lecture on occasion of the Summer School by Prof. Waibel

Prof. Dr. H. Waibel gave the opening lecture on occasion of the Summer School of the Department of Management, Institut Pertanian, Bogor (IPB) on August 6, 2018. The title of the lecture was Challenges of the Agrifood Sector. Prof. Waibel discussed theoretical framework and some empirical cases on food security issues in developing countries.

The summer school is attended by researchers and development specialists from several Asian countries and takes place yearly at Bogor, Indonesia. This year, it is held from 6 to 18 August with a topic on "Sustainable Agrifood Management in Indonesia". The program consists of 12 classroom lectures and 12 field trips to agri-food farms and processing facilities. The summer school was attended by 19 participants consisted of international students, researchers and professionals from India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia.