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Seminar Announcement: 'Development and Environmental Economics'

SeminarDevelopment and Environmental Economics, Bachelor WiWi, Summer term 2018
U. Grote, H. Waibel
ContentThe Seminar will cover different topics from the fields of development and environmental economics. A list of around 30 different topics will be provided at the beginning of the semester on the platform stud-IP. The students can then choose a topic based on the first come – first served principle. 
LanguageThe course is held in English or German. The language of the seminar papers and the presentations are English or German.
ProcedereThe Seminar will be held by the Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade and the Institute of Agricultural and Development Economics together. An introductory lecture will take place at the beginning of the lecture period. The submissions and the final presentations of the seminar papers by the participants will take place in the middle of the lecture period.
The maximum number of participants is restricted to 15.