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Veröffentlichungen - Badrun Nessa Ahmed

'Reviewed Journal' Veröffentlichungen

Ahmed, Badrun Nessa and Hermann Waibel (2019): The role of homestead fish ponds for household nutrition security in Bangladesh. Food Security, Vol. 11 (4), p. 835-854Download



Andere Veröffentlichungen

Badrun Nessa Ahmed and Hermann Waibel (2018): Does the loss of homestead fish ponds in Bangladesh increase food and nutrition insecurity of poor countries? Paper presented at Tropentag, September 17-19, Ghent, Belgium. Abstract

Badrun Nessa Ahmed and Hermann Waibel (2017): Is there a poor man's fish? Empirical analysis of fish demand in Bangladesh. Paper presented at third international conference of GlobalFood "GlobalFood Symposium 2017" organized by University of Göttingen, April 28-29, Germany.

Ali, Zulfiqar, Mustafa Mujeri and Badrun Nessa Ahmed (2016). Extreme poverty and marginality in Bangladesh: Review of extreme poverty focused innovative programmes. In: Cecep Effendi and Vasanthi Rajendran (Eds.): Dynamics of poverty: Cases from CIRDAP member countries (p.73-92). Dhaka: CIRDAP. Download

Ahmed, B. N. (2011). An analysis on Microfinance Industries (MFIs) in Bangladesh (In Bangla), Bangladesh Unnayan Somikkaha, Issue: 28, p. 169-181, February.

Hossain, M. I. and B. N. Ahmed (2012). An analysis on Inflation and its impact (In Bangla), Bangladesh Unnayan Somikkaha, Issue: 29, p. 119-134, February.

Ahmed, B.N (2011). Inflation and International Price Hike: the Case Bangladesh (In Bangla), Art, Culture & Literature: Golaghor, 3rd Year, Issue: 3, April-June.