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Publications Prof. Dr. Susan Steiner

Reviewed journal publications

Becker, Charles M., Bakhrom Mirkasimov and Susan Steiner (2017): Forced marriage and birth outcomes. Demography Vol. 54 (4): p. 1401-1423. Download

Tanika Chakraborty, Bakhrom Mirkasimov and Susan Steiner (2015): Transfer behavior in migrant sending communities. Journal of Comparative Economics 43 (3), p. 690-705. Download

Lena Giesbert and Susan Steiner (2015): Client perceptions of the value of microinsurance: Evidence from Southern Ghana. Journal of International Development 27 (1): 15-35. Download

Damir Esenaliev and Susan Steiner (2014): Ethnicity and the distribution of welfare: Evidence from Southern Kyrgyzstan. Journal of Comparative Economics 42 (4): 970-982. Download

Tilman Brück, Damir Eseanliev, Antje Kroeger, Alma Kudebayeva, Bakhrom Mirkasimov and Susan Steiner (2014): Household survey data for research on well-being and behavior in Central Asia, Journal of Comparative Economics 42 (3): 819-835. Download

Lena Giesbert, Susan Steiner and Mirko Bendig (2011): Participation in micro life insurance and the use of other financial services in Ghana, Journal of Risk and Insurance 78 (1): 7-35. Download

Susan Steiner (2010): How important is the capacity of local governments for improvements in welfare? Evidence from decentralised Uganda, Journal of Development Studies 46 (4): 644-661. Download

Susan Steiner (2007): Decentralisation and poverty: Conceptual framework and application to Uganda, Public Administration and Development 27 (2): 175-185. Download

Robert Kappel, Jann Lay and Susan Steiner (2005): Uganda: No more pro-poor growth? Development Policy Review 23 (1): 27-53. Download


Book chapters

Susan Steiner (2008): Constraints on the implementation of decentralisation and implications for poverty reduction – The case of Uganda, in: Gordon Crawford and Christof Hartmann (eds.): Decentralisation in Africa. A pathway out of poverty and conflict? Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 33-72.

Robert Kappel, Jann Lay and Susan Steiner (2004): Uganda in the 1990s. A case of pro-poor growth, in: Michael Krakowski (ed.): Attacking poverty. What makes growth pro-poor?, HWWA Studies 75, Baden-Baden, pp. 197-223.


Working papers

Lenel, Friederike and Susan Steiner (2017): Insurance and solidarity: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment in Cambodia. IZA Discussion Paper No. 10986. Download

Landmann, Andreas, Helke Seitz and Susan Steiner (2017): Patrilocal residence and female labour supply. IZA Discussion Paper No. 10890. Download

Schäfer, Dorothea and Susan Steiner (2014): Financial Development and Employment – Evidence from Transition Countries. DIW Discussion Paper 1390, DIW Berlin. Download



Other publications

Damir Esenaliev, Antje Kroeger and Susan Steiner (2011): The Kyrgyz Integrated Household Survey (KIHS) – A Primer, Data Documentation 62/2011, DIW Berlin.

Susan Steiner and Lena Giesbert (2010): Microinsurance: A Large Untapped Market, DIW Weekly Report 33/2010, DIW Berlin.

Sophie Crocoll and Susan Steiner (2009): Armut in Krisenzeiten – Rückblick und Ausblick, GIGA Focus Lateinamerika 5/2009, GIGA Hamburg.

Susan Steiner and Eugenia Tseggelidis (2006): Der Millennium Challenge Account: Erste Erfahrungen aus Madagaskar, Afrika Süd 35 (6), S. 31-33.

Susan Steiner (2005): Schuldenerlass für die ärmsten Länder: Spielt Good Governance wirklich eine Rolle? Afrika im Blickpunkt Nr. 2, Institut für Afrika-Kunde Hamburg.

Susan Steiner (2004): Afrika und die WTO. Unvereinbar oder untrennbar? Nord-Süd Aktuell 18 (1): S. 105-113.

Susan Steiner (2002): Strategien sind nur so gut wie ihre Umsetzung. Eine Einschätzung der PRSP am Jahresende 2002, Afrika im Blickpunkt Nr. 4, Institut für Afrika-Kunde Hamburg.


Work in progress

Accountability and Informal Exchange (with Friederike Lenel)

Bride Capture and Psychological Stress (with Charles Becker)

Migration and Hired Labour (with Attakrit Leckcivilize)

Selection in Smart-Phone Based Interviews (with Florian Keusch and Christoph Sajons)

The Persistence of Harmful Social Practices – The Case of Bride Kidnapping (with Charles Becker, Joshua Jacobs and Lin Zhao)