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Research projects - Prof. Dr. Susan Steiner

Insurance and Private Transfers – Experimental Evidence

(Principal Investigator)

Funding from DFG (2015-2017)

Most people in developing countries are currently not insured; they therefore depend on private transfers from relatives and friends when hit by a shock. However, the provision of insurance (for example, health insurance) is steadily increasing. An important question is to what extent the possibility to purchase insurance affects the willingness to help others. Previous research mostly finds a decrease in private transfers. The underlying drivers remain unclear. Guided by the literature on other-regarding preferences, we investigate whether individuals hold their peers accountable for not taking up insurance. In this research project, which is a joint project of Leibniz Universität Hannover and the Social Health Protection Association (SHPA), we analyze this mechanism in a framed field experiment combined with a household survey on transfer behavior within social networks. We conduct the project in several villages in Northwestern Cambodia.


Gender and Employment in Central Asia – Evidence from Panel Data


Funding from IZA and DFID (2013-2015)


Economic Transformation, Household Behaviour and Well-Being in Central Asia
– The Case of Kyrgyzstan

(Project Coordinator)

Funding from VolkswagenStiftung (2010-2013)

Project Website


Determinants of Demand for Microinsurance in Ghana

(Principal Investigator)

Funding from DZ Bank Foundation (2008-2010)


Evaluating the Impact of Decentralisation on Poverty in Uganda


Funding from Fritz Thyssen Foundation (2004-2006)