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Research projects - Mark Brooks

Data quality in long-term panel surveys in emerging market economies – Thailand Vietnam Socio Economic Panel (TVSEP)


In terms of data quality organisations such as the World Bank report that data from developing countries is often found to be lacking both in terms of data quantity and quality. Accordingly, there have been calls for a “data revolution” and the topic of data quality in developing countries has risen in importance.

By making use of the extensive panel data available from the Thailand Vietnam Socio Economic Panel (TVSEP) research will be conducted in order to determine factors that influence the quality of data throughout the survey waves and recommendations for action will be provided. In addition, to the “standard” questionnaire additional information on characteristics and other factors that can impact data quality were collected in the context of the add-on project “Data Quality Research Project” in the 2017 survey.

In the future research of aspects such as interview falsification/use of standardized answers, the impact of a change of mode from “Paper and Pencil Interviews” (PAPI) to “Computer Assisted Personal Interviews” (CAPI) and the change in the distribution of errors throughout the course of long-term panels will be pursued.